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Thank you for joining us at our FCMS Conference and Board Meeting in Toronto! 


The 19th Conference on Health Care of the Chinese in North America


The conference will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 20 and 21, 2018.

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Program Objectives

 At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify ethnocultural differences that affect prevalence, symptom presentation, investigation, and treatment of common health problems among North American Chinese
  • Identify emergent or unmet healthcare needs among North American Chinese
  • Develop a cultural competent approach towards addressing important differences in common health issues facing North American Chinese


North America

North American Chinatown Smoke Free Day


It starts with you.

September 2017


Dr. Chi-Ming Chow’s interview by Omni TV

2016-smoke-free-toronto-1 2016-smoke-free-toronto-2

Los Angeles (CAMASC)

2016-smoke-free-camasc-1 2016-smoke-free-camasc-2


New York

Video on quit smoking

2016-smoke-free-new-york-1 2016-smoke-free-new-york-2

2016-smoke-free-new-york-3 2016-smoke-free-new-york-4

2016-smoke-free-new-york-5 2016-smoke-free-new-york-6