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The 20th Conference on Health Care of the Chinese in North America

COVID-19: Insights from Far and Near

November 7, Day 1, Eastern Time

2:00 PM Opening Remarks | COVID-19: Management Updates
3:00 PM CAMS Keynote Address
3:45 PM CAMS Business Meeting
4:00 PM Scientific & Pathophysiological Aspects of COVID-19
4:55 PM Palliative Care & COVID-19
5:50 PM A Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance

November 8, Day 2, Eastern Time

2:00 PM Opening Remards | COVID-19: A Global Epidemic Panel Discussion
3:00 PM Keynote Address
3:45 PM Platinum Sponsor Showcase
4:05 PM Wellbeing
5:00 PM The Future of COVID-19
5:55 PM Research Presentations
6:35 PM Concluding Remarks & Virtual Happy Hour

There will be a Virtual Poster Session, and Virtual Exhibit Hall.

The Remember and Thanksgiving session is a special session to commemorate those members of the Chinese Canadian and Chinese American medical communities who died from COVID-19.