Chinese Canadian Medical Society (Ontario) (CCMS) 加華醫學會

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The Medical Section was the first section formed when the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals was established in 1975. This was triggered by the issue of an alarming and misleading report in the Toronto Globe and Mail in September, 1974, on a statement made by Dr. Bette Stephenson, then the President of the Canadian Medical Association. She stated that there were too many foreign born Chinese medical students in the University of Toronto, disregarding the fact that almost all of them were landed immigrants or Canadian citizens. 9 Chinese Canadian physicians and other professionals, led by Dr. George Woo, were instrumental in spearheading the formation of the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals of Ontario.

Since 1975, the Medical Section formally incorporated (April 26, 1984) under the name of Chinese Canadian Medical Society, Ontario, has flourished with the membership increasing steadily upwards. It now numbers about 500 active participants, including medical students. The Society celebrated its 25th Anniversary on 27th May, 2000, at a special Gala Conference and Dinner Dance.

It has always been the largest and the most active section of the FCCP. In fact, about half of the past Presidents of the Board of Directors of the FCCP came from the Medical Section.

The CCMS (Ont.) is also a Founding member of the Federation of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian Medical Societies (FCMS), which sponsors a biennial international conference on Health Problems Related to the Chinese in North America. 12 have been held since 1982, including the 5th Conference in Toronto in 1990.

During the years from 1989 to 1992, the CCMS (Ont.) was also actively organizing and sustaining the Federation of Chinese Canadian Medical Societies and the Chinese Canadian Health Forum, with the colleagues of sister organizations in Montreal and Vancouver.



  • To develop and promote the professional and cultural well-being of Chinese Canadians in the medical profession
  • To encourage such activities as well as ensure broad participation by the membership
  • To provide for and encourage the sharing of information among the members
  • To promote, foster and protect the rights of Chinese Canadians in the Canadian society, particularly in the areas of health and education
  • To serve as a voice on matters of concern to Chinese Canadians, particularly on health issues
  • To outreach the general public and serve as a resource on general medical health, and on health issues related particularly to the Chinese in North America


Executive Officers 2014 – Present

President Dr. Chi-Ming Chow
Treasurer Dr. Kenneth Fung
Special CME Events Dr. Rose Kung
Membership Dr. Yvonne Yau
Immediate Past President Dr. Eric Leong
Website Dr. Kenneth Fung
Advisors Dr. John Chiu
Dr. David Lam
Dr. Ken Ng