Chinese American Medical Society (CAMS) 美洲中華醫學會

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  • To promote the scientific association of medical professionals of Chinese descent.
  • To advance medical knowledge and scientific research with emphasis on aspects unique to the Chinese.
  • To establish scholarships to medical dental students and to provide endowments to medical schools and hospitals of good standing.
  • To promote the health status of Chinese Americans.

Board of Directors 2022

Victor T. Chang, MD President
Alex J. Ky, MD President Elect
Ning Lin, MD Vice President
Steven Cai, MD Secretary
Stanley Yang, MD Treasurer
Warren W. Chin, MD Executive Director
Yick Moon Lee, MD Immediate Past President
Shan-Chin Chen, MD Board Member
Benjamin Lee, MD Board Member
John R. Lee Board Member
Wenhui L, PhD Board Member
James Park, MD Board Member
Cynthia X. Pan, MD Board Member
James Tsai, MD Board Member