Dr. David Lam

Dr. David LamDr. David Lam began his practice in family medicine in Toronto since 1991. He is an active staff at the Department of Family Medicine, Scarborough Hospitals (General Division). Dr. Lam believes that continuous education for doctors is extremely important so that they can keep up their standard of care. He is passionate about organizing Continuing Medical Education (CME) and has dedicated his time to planning professional development lectures and seminars for his fellow colleagues. He has been a CME organizer for the Chinese Canadian Medical Society and the Chairman of the Agincourt Doctors’ Journal Club for many years. He also helps to co-organize the GTA Primary Care Symposium, an event with an attendance of more than 200 family doctors each year.

Besides developing CME for his colleagues, Dr. Lam also helps to coordinate learning activities for the public. He believes that a better understanding of their own health issues is the key to preventive health care for patients. He has been the Chairman and/or committee member for the Health Awareness Day in Greater Toronto for the last 15 years. This forum not only provides knowledge for the public, but also helps raise funds for the Chinese Cultural Centre. In addition to public seminars, Dr. Lam provides expert advice and professional opinions for the media including radio, television, newspaper and interest chat room on various medical and health issues.

Outside of his educational activities, Dr. Lam has been involved in other community and volunteer work. He was the vice president of the Hong Kong University Alumni Association of Toronto, Ontario from 1990 to 1992, the past president of the Chinese Canadian Medical Society (CCMS) in Ontario (1995- 1996), the past president of the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professional in Ontario from 1996 to 1997, and the past chairman of the Coalition of Chinese Family Physicians in Ontario (1997-1999).

Dr. Lam believes in leading by example. To convince his patients the importance of a healthy lifestyle, he is a dedicated athlete and plays several sports including badminton, squash, table tennis and basketball. His philosophy is that everyone should exercise every day.