To the Honored Members of the FCMS:

Dr. David ChiuA full decade has passed since we inaugurated the Federation in New York. As we are preparing for a celebration of this important milestone, we find ourselves at a crossroads, confronted with a fateful choice to either elevate out combined fortitude charging ahead and building an institution wherein the engine for success of our posterity in this continent will be constructed and maintained, or, to simply float adrift in the stream of self-congratulation.

Let us reflect on what we have accomplished so far and what has yet to de done. Over the last decade, the FCMS has settled down with a solid core group of constituent organizations. We began with seven organization members and now we have eight. The total sum of all individual members is about 3,000 through five generations of leadership, yet each and every one of the founding members remains loyal to the mission of the Federation. The spirit of voluntarism continues to flare brightly as ever. The FCMS Foundation is finally formalized. The Foundation, dedicated to support the function on growth of FCMS, shall be the supporting and nurturing body of the FCMS. The biannual conferences that the Federation has inherited from the Chinese Hospital Medical Staff continue to strive. The last meeting in New York was a resounding success. The 12th Conference in San Francisco under the leadership of Dr. Collin Quock is going to be another banner performance and a memorable celebration of the FCMS. While we can all share a sense of satisfaction for what we have accomplished thus far, what lies ahead for us to embark is daunting.

It is our goal to further the mission of the FCMS, as well as support the education of Chinese American and Chinese Canadians who choose to dedicate themselves to the medical profession. Simply, we want to support every single North American Chinese medical student, who lack the resources to achieve a place in our noble profession. I feel that it is my duty as a distinguished member of our medical society to give back and provide for our future generations.

As we reach the critical point of generating enough critical mass, it is important we have the utmost dedication from all our members. I would like each one of you to dedicate to the cause of the FCMS by supporting the FCMS Foundation by donating $1 a day for the next three years. Simple mathematics would show that with 3,000-4,000 members, over three year´s time would accumulate $3.5 million. As of today, everyone of the Board of Directors has fully committed to this cause and demonstrated leadership by sending $1,000 or more.

I hope the volunteerism that the founding members of the FCMS and the five generations of leadership have set meritable examples for all of us to emulate. It is more than obvious that each of us has been blessed with this noble profession and our professional success certainly allows us to make such a contribution. I would like to ask you today just to make one, single, affordable investment to our pride and to our legacy, and more importantly, the success of our next generation.

I would like you to join me to share this satisfaction with having built an institution that will be gratified to see striving and glowing and we can tell our children and grandchildren what we have left behind to build on our success.


David Chiu, MD
President, FCMS Foundation