Board Meeting 2015

Board of Directors 2014 to 2016

Warren W. Chin, MD Chairman
Paul Chu, MD President
Victor Chang, MD President-Elect
Chi-Ming Chow, MD Vice-President
Vanessa Chan, MD Secretary
Bing Lu, MD, PhD, MBA Treasurer
Kenneth Fung, MD Historian
Randall Low, MD Executive Vice-President
Patricia Chung, CPMSM Executive Director
Sun-Hoo Foo, MD Emeritus
Hsueh Hwa Wang, MD Emeritus
Collin P. Quock, MD Emeritus
Daisy Saw, MD Emeritus
John H.C. Chiu, MD Emeritus
Tit Sang Li, MD Emeritus
Dexter Louie, MD At-Large, Foundation Liaison
Vincent Y. Wang, DO At-Large
Edward Chow, MD At-Large
David Chiu, MD Foundation President